Needing Some Bliss?

Sweet Bliss

Apple Pie Apple spice sponge filled with baked apples and topped with Vanilla Bean Frosting.
B & W Delight Dark Chocolate and vanilla sponge topped with milk chocolate and vanilla bean frosting, split right down the middle, perfect for those who can't decide.
banana cream
Banana Cream
This delectable treat starts off with a graham cracker bottom with banana sponge filled with banana cream and topped with whipped banana frosting.
Black Forest Our moist, delicious chocolate sponge is filled with sweet cherries and cream and topped with a swirl of whipped cream frosting.
Vanilla Sponge infused with fresh blueberries and topped with blueberry frosting
Champagne Moist strawberry sponge filled with whipped cream and topped with real champagne frosting with fresh strawberries
Delicious devil's food cake topped with a swirl of our delectable chocolate frosting frosting with a dollop of chocolate mousse.
peanut butter
Peanut Butter
Moist Chocolate sponge infused with Nutella and topped with peanut butter frosting and roasted peanuts.
Coconut Dream Sweet toasted coconut on top of white sponge, graham cracker bottom, infused with coconut cream goodness topped with a swirl of coconut frosting.
Cookies & Cream Starts off with oreo graham crust on the bottom, moist chocolate cake is infused with oreo custard and topped with a swirl of cookies n' cream frosting.
dulce de lecheDulce De Leche Vanilla Sponge infused with Dolce de Leche and topped with Dolce de Leche frosting.
Fluffernutter Chocolate sponge filled with marshmallow cream and topped with a swirl of luscious peanut butter frosting
Hazelnut Chocolate cake with ground hazelnuts, topped with a swirl of chocolate hazelnut frosting
Latte Espresso infused cake with a delectable centre filled with whipping cream and topped with a swirl of espresso frosting and a dash of cocoa.
lemonLemon Vanilla sponge infused with lemon curd and fresh lemon frosting frosting
Lemon Blueberry Lemon sponge infused with blueberry cream and topped with zesty lemon frosting and blueberries
chocolate mint
Chocolate cake infused with peppermint with a swirl of winter fresh mint frosting and Andes mints.
PB & J White fluffy sponge infused with home made strawberry jam topped with Peanut butter frosting with strawberries
raspberryRaspberry Vanilla sponge infused with raspberry mousse and topped with fresh berry frosting
Red Velvet Red velvet sponge with cream cheese frosting, need we say more?
salted caramelSalted Caramel Our moist, chocolate cake is topped with a buttery caramel infused with rock salt frosting and a drizzle of more caramel.
smoresS'mores Graham cracker crust with melted chocolate and delcious chocolate sponge infused with marshmallow fluff and topped with more marshmallow frosting.
strawberryStrawberry Strawberry sponge infused with whip cream and topped with fresh strawberry frosting.
Vanilla Vanilla sponge infused with vanilla bean mousse and topped with vanilla frosting
raspberryCoffee Crisp Chocolate sponge infused with caramel/chocolate crunch and topped with coffee frosting
Espresso sponge filled with Tiramisu mousse and topped with espresso frosting.
Maple Walnut Bacon Maple spice sponge with ground walnuts, topped with maple frosting and finsihed with our specialty, candied bacon.



Wake up call Coffee infused sponge with serious coffee frosting and chocolate sawdust
Drill Bit Maple sponge infused with Dolce de Leche, topped with milk chocolate frosting finished with real bacon dipped in chocolate
Jack Hammer Vanilla bean sponge baked with Nutella in the centre topped with more yummy hazelnut frosting
guinnessBeer Run Chocolate sponge baked with Guinness topped with Guinness frosting and a candied bacon
Ball Park Roasted peanuts in vanilla bean sponge topped with banana frosting with pretzel
Seriously Hot Doggin' A devilish chocolate spiked with Cayenne pepper infused with cream to cool the pallet, topped with Chili frosting
Hit the Road Jack! Red velvet sponge with jazzed up Jack Daniel's frosting